„In diesem Team herrschen bemerkenswerte Zusammenarbeit, Loyalität, Anstand, harte Arbeit, Mut und Selbstlosigkeit. This attitude has permeated through the rest of the workforce and is the true reason why PLASKOLITE is poised to remain the industry leader in the years ahead" - Donald G. Dunn (1923 - 2021), Founder of PLASKOLITE
Peter Lynch photo
Peter Lynch
President & CFO
John Szlag photo
John Szlag
President & CCO
Amir Abramovich photo
Amir Abramovich
Managing Director of EMEA and South America
Rob Sterud photo
Rob Sterud
VP of Human Resources
Roger Hamilton photo
Roger Hamilton
VP of Operations
Andy Gordon photo
Andy Gordon
VP of Engineering & Technology
Jim Richards photo
Jim Richards
VP of Industrial Sales
Jeff Bostic photo
Jeff Bostic
VP of Business Development
Andrea Hermann photo
Andrea Herrmann
Director of Sales – Northern Europe
Andrew Keeney photo
Andrew Keeney
Director of Financial Planning & Analysis
Andy Janowicz photo
Andy Janowicz
Director of Research & Development
Brenda Briggs photo
Brenda Briggs
Customer Experience Manager
Chris Walby photo
Chris Walby
Director of Sales – Lighting
Dan Draper photo
Dan Draper
Director of Marketing
Danica Chin photo
Danica Chin
Manager of Recruiting & Retention
Drew Lester photo
Drew Lester
Director of Supply Chain
Eyal Feuer photo
Eyal Feuer
Managing Director – Iberica
Gordon Jankulovski photo
Gordon Jankulovski
Director of Sales – Spa & Bath
Gordon Jankulovski photo
Greg Hallam
Director of Sales – US East
Ilan Gizbar photo
Ilan Gizbar
CFO of EMEA & South America
Jared Long photo
Jared Long
Director of Health & Safety
Jason Gorham photo
Jason Gorham
Director of Operations  Finance 
Jasmine Rosen-Kligwaser photo
Jasmine Rosen-Kligvasser
R&D Manager of EMEA & South America
Jennifer Keck photo
Jennifer Keck
Director of Accounting
John Kupchick photo
John Kupchick
National Sales Manager – Polymer
John Temple photo
John Temple
Director of Sales – Multiwall & Mexico
Jorge Quinteros photo
Jorge Quinteros
Managing Director- SUD
Kevin Duffy photo
Kevin Duffy
VP & GM – VYCOM Products
Kim Edwards photo
Kim Edwards
Corporate Manager of Sustainability & ESG
Krishna Reddy photo
Krishna Reddy
Director of IT Services
Manny Rodriguez photo
Manny Rodriguez
Director of Sales – MXL Industries
Maya Diamant Pagy photo
Maya Diamant Pagy
HR Manager of EMEA & South America
Sasha Belkin photo
Sasha Belkin
Managing Director – Bulgaria
Scott Iverson photo
Scott Iverson
Director of Quality Assurance
Susan Svotelis photo
Susan Svotelis
National Sales Manager - Canada
Tamir Lavi photo
Tamir Lavi
Director of Sales – Southern Europe
Ted Trautman photo
Ted Trautman
Technology Director – Polycarbonate
Tess Sabo photo
Tess Sabo
Director of Compensation & Benefits
Tim Ling photo
Tim Ling
Corporate Environmental Director
Tim Triggiano photo
Tim Triggiano
Director of Sales – US South
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